Real Estate

One of the most successful division of our company is our fund which invests in the property market. This fund is very popular because of its nearly zero risk, and monthly payouts which comes around 8% annually.

Principles of investment in our Property fund:

1. Our strategy is investing in the Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in the UK. The investment is taking place through our sister company which is specialise in managing buy to lets and HMOs .These Houses has an almost fix rental yield which will be distributed to investors on a monthly basis.

2. Although investment has always some kinds of risk, but this is the least risky investment we can introduce to you. The portfolio of our HMOs are generating a healthy profit margin around 8% per year and it will highly unlikely someone will lose it's investment which is a great news. Considering the least amount of risk involved, something around 8% return per year sounds amazing.

3. The minimum investment capital is 20,000 GBP and the minimum term is for 2 years.

4. If you would love to enter the property market but doesn't have the required capital to buy a whole property or doesn't have desire to be involve with the hassle of managing and running the property and dealing with tenants, maintenance team and legal things, then you can simply invest through our fund and get what most landloards get from their buy to let investments.

5. Your risk / reward:
Risk is very low, return up to 8% annually distributed on a monthly basis starting after 4 months.

6. Participating in the fund is strictly by application only. After you fill the application, one of our expert team will be in touch to assess your situation and see whether this investment is suitable for you.