Crypto Currency

Crypto world has seen a rapid growth during past few years, billions of dollars have been invested in it and Blockchain capabilities can shape the future of everything. There are thousands of Crypto currencies at the moment and the number is growing fast so it's a real complicated job to study and identify those which really have potential to grow.

Our main principles of investment:

1. Avoid speculative meme coins to keep the investors money safe.

2. Reinvestment of the capital gains to earn compound interest and make more profit for our investors.

3. Invest on those industries which shape the future.

4. Not a very large portfolio of tokens, niche is making better results.

5. Our portfolio is a balanced mixture of listed currencies and early stage projects.

How you can participate in this fund?

1. The minimum investment amount is 10,000 usd.

2. The minimum investment term is at least 2 years. Our strategy is holding valuable crypto currencies because we are investing in the projects which are going to make big plans happen, and it needs time to make the most profit out of these investments. Longer time we will get more compound interest as well, so longer you stay with the fund your profit will exponentially increase.

3. Crypto market is very volatile and you should only risk that much which you can afford to lose. There is not a guarantee in this market but we are confident in our strategy. So we are happy to offer the first 8% of the profit to our investors and after that we will get our 8% and there after we will split the profit 40-60. So you will get eventually 60% of the generated profit. This means we are not taking any profit if our return will come less than 8%. Even if we make only 10% per year, you will get the first 8% and we just earn 2%.